What's Up Wednesday

Whew, another week down!!! Anyone getting excited? I am very excited that I am almost ready for Advent!!! Here is the Advent Paper Chain print off as promised!!! Note that pages 1-10 are if you are doing a single color and 11-20 are designed to be done in two colors. I had a time with figuring out how to correctly print front and back on my printer so make sure you allow yourself a little extra time to figure that out. The dates go on one side and the scriptures go on the flip side. So for the single color you will print off page 1 which has scriptures numbered 1-6. Then you will flip your paper how ever you need to for your printer to print off pg 6 which has the devotions for Dec 1st-6th. And to make things even easier for you I'm going to list the items you need for the devotion part, you just might have most of these items around your house!!! I'm going to put my items in see through gift bags and place an index card with the correct number in the front to kinda hide the item inside. I've not gotten to that yet, so you will have to come back next week if you want to take a look at how we are doing it. This year it is all about easy easy easy!!! Okay here is that list!!!! BEFORE we go any further, I want to give credit where credit is due!!!
This Advent Countdown is from
the only thing I did was create the double sided Advent Chain. 
  1. quarter
  2. piece of grape gum
  3. smiley face
  4. fish
  5. birthday candle
  6. whistle or bell
  7. cracker
  8. cotton ball(s)
  9. torn piece of a map
  10. soap
  11. a heart
  12. cross
  13. tablespoon of salt
  14. tablespoon of sand
  15. flower
  16. raisins
  17. seeds
  18. print off Pslams 100 and roll it up like a scroll
  19. stone
  20. aluminum foil
  21. mustard seed
  22. dove
  23. piece of fabric, some type of cotton
  24. marble
  25. baby
I still have 2 more sets of Christmas cards to finish but did get 4 sets done and have half of the items from the item list above. I am working with the Youth Director at our church and we are doing advent sets for all our AWANA kids; I am super excited about this project.
Kelly if you read this, you rock!!!!!!

And as we enter into Week 5 here is what I'll be working on:
  • finishing Christmas Cards and addressing them
  • get remainder of Advent items and put together Advent Kits
  • Begin working on sewing project 1 and cardstock project 1 (gotta keep them a secret somehow)
Sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera is hiding or hidden under the pile of crafts items on my table!!!
Have a safe, wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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