What's Up Wednesday

I remember a time when it seemed like the closer you got to the holidays, the slower things seemed to move. Yeah, well those days are long gone and it seems like some days I blink and my day is over. This week just flew by for me, how about you?!?!?!

Each week before I get lost in all the To Do's of the week, I like to pause a moment and share some snap shots of our week. This week it was birthday celebration at Glen Care and this is a very exciting day for the kids cause they know there will be cake and ice cream. But I want my kids to really be apart of this ministry and not just show up, so I stamped some cards for each of them to color and decorate and as you can tell they enjoyed this greatly!!!

CJ was so very proud of her work and she enjoyed passing them out as well

Like a true artist, JJ had to sign his name, lol

LJ was really happy about drawing some "extras" on the card just not liking getting his photo taken

 The photo above is my favorite picture of the week and will always remind me of the wonderful joy children bring to this world. CJ has been eying this piano since the first day we went to Glen Care. I'm not sure who she asked but one of the other women who organize and do a fantastic job of providing this birthday celebration each month asked Mr. Arnold if he would play a tune for my CJ. Well that tune ended up in about 10 minutes of everyone singing Christmas songs and you could just see the delight in each of the residents that came to the birthday celebration. What I thought was even neater was one man, I had not seen him before,who made sure that everyone who was having a birthday this month got a  card. They really care for each other and I am so thankful that the wonderful women of Providence Baptist Church have such a giving heart and keep this ministry going.It has given our family an opportunity to just step right in and be blessed beyond words to fellowship side by side with them!!!

So this week I'm back to the drawing board to come up with another template to help me keep up with all the ideas I have for gifts. Last week I was suppose to gather materials needed for "To Make" gifts, but honestly I can't remember what which person I was going to make what gift for. So since Big Daddy has a couple of days off, I'm going to take advantage of this time to get ALL my thoughts together on paper so I will have a good shopping list in hand for Weeks 6 and 4. So for this week I have an adjusted To Do List:

gather materials needed for Make "To Make" gifts list
decide on outfits for Christmas photo Blue jeans, white shirts and a accent of red for each person. JJ wants a vest, LJ wants a hat, CJ wants a dress but I want her to have a sweater, Big Daddy will get a tie, and I want a scarf.
schedule photo session we just might have a neighbor take the pics this year, not sure yet?!?!
make personal phone calls to get addresses I still need
start working on 2010 Family Letter
start buying looking at containers for fudge
create What I'm making Christmas Gift List
start on Advent reading list and gather project ideas
figure out how much fudge and cookies I'll be making

Yes, I think this will keep me plenty busy for the week.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that reminds me, I would really like to get in the habbit of reading an advent calandar with our children. It's something I have never done before, but love the focus on Christ in such a time as this when the distractions seem to be even more than normal. Thanks. *smile* I loved reading about the piano. So sweet. Enjoy the blessings right before your eyes. *big smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!