Menu Planning (and some) Monday

I thought it would be fun to show you how I menu plan, grocery shop and keep up with my appointments during the week. For the last couple of years I've been going through planner after planner because they just didn't meet my specific needs. About a month ago, I came up a simple design to combine my weekly appointments, menu plan and grocery list and it has worked like a charm. I keep it above my stove and since I'm at my stove at least 3 times a day, this keeps my schedule only a glance away. I decided to add my grocery list because I am always forgetting what side dish I planned for a main meal. While shopping, if I see that Italian diced tomatoes are on sale, I just look quickly at what I needed diced tomatoes for (this week it's stuffed tomatoes) and I know if I can get that instead of regular diced tomatoes!!! I put the exact measurements of what I will need that week to help me better judge when I need to get more of a certain item. I transfer any meals not eaten from the week before onto my new menu planner in red, helping me to remember that I really need to get this meal cooked or find a different way to use up the main ingredients for that specific meal.


B Waffles

L Leftover Chili

D Hamburger Helper



B Waffles

L leftovers

D Southern Style Pork Chops & potato salad
Drop off train table

B cereal

L mac n cheese

D Mexican Corn Chowder

2:30 Glen Care b-day party

3:15,3:45 gymnastics

6:00 Glen Care

B Breakfast Cookies

L homemade pockets

D Macaroni & sausage bake
3:00 dance

Family Fun Night

B Oatmeal

L sandwiches

D Stuffed green peppers

B Pancakes

L leftovers

D Potato Supper

B Cinnamon Rolls

L Sandwiches

D Minestrone

Brown sugar 1 1/3 cups

Vanilla 2t

All Purpose Flour 4 cup

Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup

Quick cooking oats 2 cups

Wheat germ ½ cup

Baking soda 2t

Yeast 1T

Sugar 1t


Peanut butter 1 cup

Velveeta 1 ½ shredded

Oatmeal packaged

Pancake mix

Canned Goods

Creamed corn 2

c.o. celery

diced tomatoes


Cinnamon rolls

Mixed vegetables 1 ½ cup


2 loaves

Butter 1 cup + 2T

Milk 2 cups

¼ cup parmesan

Half and half 2 cups

M.Jack 3 cups

Eggs 5

Mozzarella 8 slices

Meats & Seafood

3 chicken breasts

Bulk sausage 1lb

Gd beef 1lb

Smoked sausage 1lb

Sandwich meat

Onion 2


Green peppers 8 large

Potatoes 6

Pasta, Beans & Rice

Elbow 1lb + 1 ½ cup

Rice 1 cup
Condiments, Spices, & Oils

Garlic salt 1t

Chicken bullion 1T

Cumin 1t

Salt 4 ½ t

Cinnamon 1t

Olive oil ¼ cup

Pepper 1 t

Parsley 1T

Garlic ¼ t


Cleaning supplies

On the left is a print out of what is above, in my post. On the right are the recipes I will be using this week.

So this is a bit of work this year but I'm hoping that when this time comes around next year all I will have to do is add a couple of new recipes or if I'm in a rush I wont have to even plan, it will all be done!!!! At any rate it is what is keeping me sane at the current moment and that is all that matters right!!!!! Well I'm off to get some more ideas for recipes next week and you can too if you check out Menu Plan Monday!!!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That Mexican corn chowder sounds delish to me right about now! Maybe I'll give that a whirl sometime.

Great site you have here. I hope you'll stop by and visit me sometime soon.

Mommy Of Two Little Blessings said...

I love your organization and clipy plan there. I have not seen that yet. Great job! Have a tasty week. *big smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

Our Curly Girls said...

Menu planning and *hopefully* cooking just one day a week for the entire week is a HUGE goal of mine!! Maybe soon!!! Thank you for sharing. Great post!!!

Our Curly Girls said...

P.S. I made crockpot mac-n-cheese for dinner last night. The only difference in my recipe is that i add a can of Campbells cheddar cheese soup. I can feel my arteries clogging up as I type. Ha! YUMMM!