Not Back to School Hop: Student Week

 I thought I was too late for Student Week on Heart of the Matter but after checking the linky is still up!!

As we are in the process of unpacking, I have come to realize that I don't have the cable for my camera and that means no "school" pictures. Boo! I do, however, have some great shots taken over the summer that I would love to share with you instead!! I am honored to introduce to you my prized pupils at
MorningStar Acadamey!!!

This is LJ, my 8 almost 9 year old! This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Okuma.

This is JJ and he is 6 years old. Hard to believe he was on 4 months when we first arrived in Okinawa!!!
And this is CJ, I had to post a picture that captured all the spunk she has!


Dusti said...

I love how you captured some personality in your pictures.
Blessings on your new school year.

Carrie said...

I read back to this point. Your kids are adorable and I am happy to get to know you a little better through bloggyworld too! :) I will read back slowly to catch up! :)

Anonymous said...

Better hide that Tink backpack because my little Ryan might snag it. Haha! Ryan is trotting off to 2nd grade with a new Tink bag....worried she will be teased because of the meanie peers that abound ;) but happy she feels comfortable in her own Tink skin. I adore the princesses! ;)