MorningStar Academy

This is the name for our homeschool. Why MorningStar Academy. Well MorningStar is for our Savior and the reason we have decided to homeschool; to ensure that the love of God and Jesus are instilled into our children so that when they are older they will not stray. (adapted from Proverbs 22:6). And Academy because it means: a school for special instruction or training in a subject. We feel that the salvation of our children is too precious to take a chance on and therefore have decided to keep them home near us as we train them in the Bible first and foremost and help them to thrive at becoming the individual that God has created each one to be.

We will be sharing school projects, lapbooks, and fun resources we use or recommend.

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Jill said...

Welcome to blogging!

Danielle did a great job designing for you!

I look forward to reading all that you plan on sharing.

I'm a homeschooling Mom of 8! Only three are schooling at the moment - the rest are nipping at their heels waiting for their turn. :-)

Praising God you desire to share all that He is teaching you with us.

God bless and Merry Christmas!