Week 25 in Review: The move begins

So I have a bit to catch up on AND blogger changed it's format, not a good combination for me but hey if it was easy; it wouldn't be my life!!! Here are some pics from our last week in Okinawa. Enjoy!!!

one good sunburn for the road...sigh
Waiting for the movers to come.
Visiting with friends who were also moving but they had much better accommodations than we did, lol
trying to cook in lodging with only 2 burners and a pot and pan.
Having a sleep over in the lodge anything to make moving more fun!!
this pcsing stuff will wear you out!!!!
ha ha, we were all making the best out of the situation.
here is cj's new hair do.. she calls them ponies!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks exhausting!!!!!! WOW! Glad you are back on our soil. It is nice to think that you are just 8 hours away instead of a world away ;) CJ's piggies are ADORABLE!!! I am t thinking a matching pair of small single bows on alligator clips or even some pony-o bows?? LMK what you think. Hugs!! xoxo