week 23 in review (Trip to Okuma)

The entire family finally went to Okuma for a visit and rest before things get really crazy around here!! We had a blast and it was fun, fun, fun. It was so hard to decide which pictures to share so here are a whole bunch from our last trip to Okuma!

Before we got on the road we stopped at American Village

and ate at A&W, JJ's favorite place to eat.

The drive up there is just breath taking

Our first night there we roasted marshmallows, yummy

The view we woke up to each morning

The beach was their front yard and they took advantage of it every chance they got!!!

Taking a bike ride around Okuma

and hiking the nature trails

and enjoying the view one last time.

Our last day we enjoyed a ride on the glass bottom boat

and took a spin on the go-carts.

It started to rain just as we were leaving, which was perfect timing. We had a great time enjoying the beaches, no phones, no computer, and most of all having a blast with each other. I love my family!!!!!!

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