Does it or Doesn't it

Weight-In Wed

I'm so confused!!! I've packed on 4 pounds this week. Not sure how that happened?! Well maybe because I didn't alter my eating habit, but come on I'm working out like a dog as I go into Week 2 of Insanity. And let me tell you, this workout program is crazy and I love that!!! But let me get back to purpose of this post. Does fat weigh more than muscle? My conclusion: Yes and No. What?!?! How can it be yes and no, depends on how you are looking at it. If you are asking does 1 pound of fat weigh more than 1 pound of muscle, then No. But what if you are doing it by volume, then yes muscle will weigh more because you will need more muscle to equal same space of fat. Doesn't make sense maybe this pic will help you out:

(picture from one-more-bite)

You can go to to read an article on this topic and see some pics to confirm that muscle does weigh more than fat when dealing with volume.

But what ever side of the argument you are on, there is no denying that this week's Weigh In is at 150. At least there is always the, "I'm bloated" excuse.

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