Now we know our ABCs

Last year I started a post as we went through the ABCs with Totally Tots. I ended up changing my course and started doing my own thing but still linking up with them. We made it all the way to Y and fizzled until a couple of weeks ago when we finished up with the letter Z by making a Jesus ascension craft. (And yes I did come up with the design all by myself)

As I make my way back around the world I'm planning on making one PDF with all the Bible Verse coloring pages to coordinate with each letter. So make sure you check back in a couple of weeks as I'm certain there will be lots of down time as we adjust to the time change.


Mama Jenn said...

Love this! I saw a similar idea, but I like yours much better!! :-)

Thanks for linking up!

Alicia said...

That is so cute!! I'll look out for it!

Rosie said...

You are the best Mom!! Seriously! Send some of your patienca and talent my way will ya?!:)

Our Curly Girls said...