Week 20 in Review

Wow, what a week of fun it has been. We are headed into our last week of school and there is lots to finish planning for our AWANA Awards Ceremony. It will be a fruitful week to say the least!!!! But you didn't come to hear about all that did you, not if you are Mema!!! So here are some pics of us from this last week. Enjoy!!!!!

We went to Downtown Naha to finally eat at the Naha Diner. But ended up going to a Family Mart and picking up some bentos and eating them in the van while it rained. Definitely a family memory!!!

After the rain let up, we headed to Kokuski Street to walk around and take lots of pictures!!!!

Another successful day at MorningStar Academy

(CJ working on Starfall)

(LJ feeding both is brain and his stomach)

Working on our Itty-Bitty Bookworm lessons!!

The boys last night in AWANA at Koza Baptist Church.

(JJ with his Sparky leader and LITs)

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!!!!

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