Week 19 in Review

Things are starting to pick up speed as our school and Awana year are coming to an end. Not to mention the fact that next month we will be packed out of our apartment, moving into Temporary Lodging and waiting for our big trek back to the States. Oh and did I mention it is rainy season here on the Rock?!

Thankfully I was able to find a camera at a reasonable price to replace the one I lost. I've been trying to figure it out before JJ's birthday party!!! So I'll try to fill this post up with more pics than words.

Headed out for a walk/bike ride

Got some ice cream before heading back....

to the apartment, gotta love base housing!!!

Mother's Day 2010

The kids more than willing to help me figure out the camera!

This week I've introduced a Buddy System, and I'll explain more next week, until then here are some pics of JJ and CJ on their Buddy Day.....

.....while LJ and I got some school work done. Only 2 more week, hang in there!!!!

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