Menu Plan Monday

Well it is back to the grind for me. Oh how I did enjoy my week off of cooking!! My hubby is the best!!!!

Monday: Cream of Beef and Spinach

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken

Wednesday: Mexican Beef & Beans

Thursday: Creole Sausage

Friday: Slow Cooker Sausage Vegetable Soup

Saturday: Easy Chicken & Biscuits

Sunday: Make Ahead Burritos

And I would feel just awful if I did not share this amazing recipe for Baked Apple Oatmeal with you. I am working on trying to get my gear in motion in the morning and start fixing some real food to start off our day!!! Its very easy to fall back on cold cereal because although I loath that stuff, my family enjoys it greatly. B-U-T as Big Daddy skeptically tried a bowl this morning, his immediate delight and satisfaction has reassured me that I can over come the cardboard box rut I have been in!!! Thanks Mr.


Alicia said...

I like your menu!! Those sound like things I would make too!

Oh gosh, my husband and kids LOVE the cold cereal!!! They eat it as a snack at night!! LOL!

OH..and I'm so glad you mentioned about the picture on my blog. I even mentioned on there what that is incase people still don't know that it's a video game controller from the 80's! LOL

FoodontheTable said...

Chicken and biscuits sound perfect for a Saturday!