4 more weeks

and MorningStar Academy will wrap up for the school year. Oddly enough, however I have noticed that we are just beginning some important changes and life lessons that will carry us well through the summer and into the coming months. MANNERS!!!!

Having two boys tends to lend to silly talk about poop and jokes that only they find humorous. We have also entered into a phase, with LJ, where he finds it rewarding to do things to purposely aggravate his little brother and sister. AND little brother and little sister have been taught all they have to do to get big brother in trouble is to scream. So my three manners to work on are LJ thinking about what we say before we say it and determine if we have the right heart attitude, JJ is learning how to be slow to anger and verbalizing what he is feeling, and CJ is learning to also communicate verbally with words if she wants brothers to not do something.

We are also working on teaching the kids how to take care of their rooms and keeping accountability for their possessions. Our focus this week is putting our shoes where they belong. Last week I introduced the skill of folding laundry to LJ and JJ. We are working on CJ putting up her clothes and not dragging them all out through out the day.

Another idea I'm working on is having a Mommy Helper each day. My Mommy Helper will get up early with me to make breakfast, help me clean up the table after each meal, and work beside me as I do my chores. On the days that CJ is not my Mommy helper one of the boys will be responsible for playing with her while I am busy with my Mommy Helper. I think the boys are in need of extra time with their sister. I'm hoping to get some of my Preschool in a Bag activities prepped so that she will have her "own" things to do during sit down time for school and the boys can help teach her readiness skills. As boys I think it is of utmost importance to start training them to be leaders early on. They always seem to enjoy teaching their little sister homeschool lessons and it also helps them to get on her level and play with her in a more personal manner.

So how are some ways you ensure that your children are learning to get along with each other????

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