Week 13/14 in Review

Wow, last week was so busy that I didn't even have a chance to sit down and write a review!!! And I think I just might let most of the photos do the talking this week!! We are really buckling down and getting school done in a timely manner so that we will be finished by the end of May and be able to enjoy our last weeks of island living!!! I'm hoping to have some great news to share the first week of May, so keep us in your prayers.

No sooner did Big Daddy come home, did he have to pack his bags and fly out to California to be apart of his brother's retirement ceremony. Here he is with 2 of his 3 siblings.

We are all excited that Joel is finally conquering the Bob Books!!! He is so proud to be reading and it is awesome watching him decode the words and being there to give him loving encouragement! So far, being apart of my children learning how to read is my favorite part of homeschooling!! To get him excited about reading the book more than once, I let him stamp a star in the back of each book every time he reads it and he loves stamping with mom's stamps!!!

We have been really busy with school over the last two weeks and yes most days school is done in pjs!!!!

While we are schooling there is no TV or computer but the two younger ones don't seem to have a problem finding something to do.

One of our favorite times of the morning is read aloud time as the kiddos get to make popcorn and have a snack as I read the book of the day!!

We had a great day at the park!!

It warms my heart when they all play together!!

Here CJ is reading along with her brother. I'm so glad he really likes his Bob Books!!

Never say never!! The kids participated in their first Easter Egg Hunt this year. And they had a blast. It was important for ME, to make sure that my children knew the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday. Earlier that week LJ and I had a discussion concerning why our family does not celebration holidays the way other families do. Meaning why did we NOT tell them that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were real. I explained to him that it's not because I think those things are wrong but I wanted him to always know that we tell him the truth. My worst fear was that if I told him that Santa or the Easter bunny were real, and they aren't then he might not believe us when we told him that God is real and he can't see God. I was astonished when he looked at me and said:" Oh, well that does make sense.And sense I do know the truth that God is real and the Easter Bunny isn't can we go to the egg hunt?" I just couldn't say no to that wise statement, lol!!!

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