Remember when: April

Alright, I'm at it again, preserving our memories for the future. I hope you will join in the fun and post some of those precious memories or everyday memories that you don't want to forget!!!


CJ: Remember when you decided that not only did your pancakes have to look like Mickey Mouse but also served with a side of ketchup?!

JJ: Remember when we got stuck in the 2010 Okinawa Marathon and as a treat for you kiddos patiently waiting in the car, I took you to Capital Steak House. As you watched Ichinose cook our Teppanyaki, you decided out loud that "Mom, he's the best cook I've ever seen. I want to be just like him when I grow up!"

LJ: Remember when you convinced me to take you to your first Easter Egg Hunt? Man you were so excited and we had loads of fun. You heart just amazes me at times and I hope you always have the courage to stand up for what you believe is right!!!!

I remember how you all got soooo excited to get packages from the post office. Especially when it came from Grammie Rose or Mema. You knew that meant there would be something special in it for each of you!!! Here you all are sporting new T-shirts that Grammie Rose sent. And if I didn't have to wash them you boys would have worn those shirts day after day after day after day........

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