Father, Fitness, Family, and Finances

I tried so hard to come up with a catchy phrase for 2010 and well it just didn't happen. So then I started to think about the things I really wanted to focus on and came up with Father, Fitness, Family, and Finances. As I go into 2010, I am going to purpose to make each day about my Father in Heaven. This means tailoring my schedule around spending time with him, instead of trying to squeeze Him into my day. That's what I did last year and well I failed miserably. Fitness is to remind me of the 15 pounds I want to lose this year, by April to be specific, so each week I will introduce a new way to live healthier and/or and a physical activity to my routine. This year I am making my calendar work for me so that I don't short change my Family in the time I spend with them, putting them first and not letting their needs take the back burner!!! And thankfully the Finance part is really up to Big Daddy as our goal is to continue to add to our savings so that when we PCS back to the States we will be able to buy a car debt free. The biggest way I am going to contribute to this goal is not exceeding my monthly budget. January is going to be hard as CJs birthday is at the end of the month and I have a baby shower to help out with, but I'm going to try really hard to come under our budget for both. I'll keep you posted!!!! So as the New Year has greeted us have you come up with a saying to carry you through 2010? Do you make resolutions or resolve to do something each year. If so, stop by my comments and let me know how you ring in a new year!!!

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