Pre-lit Christmas trees

Well the home team has taken a beatin this week. Both my boys have
been S-I-C-K and that has caused me to adjust alot of what I had planned to do this week. I've had to cancel obligations and not met deadlines for several things I was suppose to get done. This has caused much reflections on what is most important and dealing with those who do not understand that sometimes things just don't go as planned. I've had to deal with emotion on top of emotion this week: ungratefulness, exhaustion, stress, and sorrow. And as I ride my emotional roller coaster, I am very thankful for pre lit Christmas trees,candy canes, and the anticipation of the Advent of our Savior, Jesus Christ!! As a new year approaches it opens the door for many possibilities, many changes but most of all a new hope that this just might be the year our Lord returns to claim His people!! The question becomes will you be left scrambling to "get things in order" or will you be ready to bow on bended knee and give glory He has finally returned?

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