Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

This picture was taken last Christmas when we went home to visit the States. What an adventure it was!!! And yet in the middle of the chaos we were able to take some time out and continue our tradition of baking Jesus a birthday cake. Since our first son was born, LJ, we have sought to make Christmas about Jesus in the best way we knew how. And what I have come to understand is that for Christmas to be about Jesus you have to live your life for Jesus every day of the year.

Now, for me, that has meant making my husband, children and home more important than any ministry outside of my house. Gasp!!!!!! So in the new year I willpractice what I preach and as my obligations to current ministries end..... that's it. I will not be stretching myself thin for ministries that CAN do without me. Simply put, I have once chance to be a mother to my children as they are young. There are no do overs and the Lord has shown me this is my ministry, my children, my husband. For them to see the reflection of Christ in my words, actions, emotions and those things we put importance on. And when I have to put other things before them because I have to get them done, well then I'm not doing the best I can in my Home ministry. Truth be told, what use am I if I can not bring my children to the foot of the cross? I know they have to make the choice themselves but I can make that choice easier for them by giving them all they need to be equip when the Holy Spirit calls upon their hearts. I can think of nothing else that deserves my time, attention, and sacrifice more than my own children and husband.

So my prayer for 2010 is that God will refine my heart to have a desire to give all I have to my family just as I would for any other church ministry. Do I know what I'm praying? YES I do and I know it is going to require alot of changing on my part. How thankful I am that I have my Lord Jesus to make the changes I need and not try to fix things on my own!!!

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GranolaMom4God said...

I can so relate to your post. Sometimes it is easier to give 100% to something outside of the home. But Jesus sees us wherever we are. It is so important to show our kids Jesus, the foot of the cross as you so well said.