Worship With Me Sunday: Set Me Free

August 23, 2009

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. I often wonder why so many Christians are not shouting out the answer to their peace, their freedom, their forgiveness, their life. I encourage you to be a light to those who walk in the darkness of bondage, unforgiveness, of the lie that they mean nothing or that God could never love them. Show them compassion just as Christ showed you. And I challenge you to truthfully answer this question. Why can you not go up to a stranger and tell them Jesus loves them? If you really understand the outcome of them not knowing Jesus as their Savior, how can you not share the life changing truth of the gospel. Let's set America free with the truth of Jesus, one day at a time, one stranger at a time, one kind act at a time, and each breath that we breath may it be for the gain of Christ and not the selfishness of our flesh!!!

Father, make me uncomfortable in my relationship with You today. I don't want to be content in knowing that I am saved but desire to be used mightily for the advancement of Your kingdom. May the enemy tremble when He sees me walking his way because he knows that Your Word has complete hold on me and knows that I will stop at nothing to share Your truth with anyone who comes my way. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen


Anonymous said...

This was one of your best posts yet--thank you for that, Brandy! Very powerful message.


Amydeanne said...

hope you're having a blessed time with your hubby!