Lord, Teach Me To Pray Study

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Alright Ladies, dust of your copy of Kay Arthur's "Lord, Teach Me To Pray" and join us for the next 28 days as we go through this book. Starting tomorrow check back in for daily comments. Then starting on the 9th I'll post some questions to be discussed. Still not sure if you want to join along, well let me ask you this:

Do you ever
- feel your prayers aren't getting past the ceiling?
- long to be more powerful in prayer?
-desire to pray effectively for your family, your friends?
This study will provide intensely practical insights to help you know HOW to pray, WHAT to pray, and WHAT TO EXPECT when you pray.
(courtesy of the back cover)

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!!

July 2 2 Kings 1-4
July 3 2 Kings 5-8
July 4 2 Kings 9-11
July 5 2 Kings 12-13, 2 Chronicles 24
July 6 2 Kings 14, 2 Chronicles 25
July 7 Jonah
July 8 2 Kings 15, 2 Chronicles 26

Lord, prepare our hearts as we dig deeper in Your Word to learn the truth about prayer. As we study the very design You gave Jesus,let us not only take away head knowledge but also heart knowledge. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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