Well done, Good & Faithful Friend!

June 19, 2009

I had a post already set for today but with the news of a sweet friend and sister in Christ passing I wanted to ask for prayers for their family instead!!!! You can read about Julie's faithful journey with Christ through her battle with cancer here!! To be honest I am very thankful that she is no longer suffering, having watch a family member die from cancer, it is something that you just desire to be over with no matter how much you know you are going to miss them; as seeing the great pain they are in is not worth the desire to have them stay with you. It is now that I turn my prayers towards those Julie left behind: Britt, her husband, Nick and Sam her two sons and all the other family members and friends that will miss her greatly. What great comfort I find in knowing that she is in heaven smiling at us and not wanting us to be sad that she is gone but rejoicing because she got to see our Savior first!!!!! Well done Julie, your life was lived to the fullest for our Savior and how awesome it is that you now fully know the extent of your influence!!!! Praying for those whom you left behind and praising The One you are with!!!! Here are some pics of Julie that give you just a glimpse of what an amazing woman is was!!

Dear Father, may our children come to know you in a way that is reverent, honoring, and fruitful. May Your Word penetrate their hearts, transform their lives, and manifest its power in the relationship they develop with their Savior, Jesus Christ. Proverbs 19:23


secondofwett said...

So sorry abt your's hard to know that they're gone but you also know that you wouldn't want them to be in pain.

mholgate said...

I'll be praying for your friend's family. We have had two of our congregation members that have gone to be with the Lord in the past month due to cancer. It's a sad way to lose a loved one.

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Prayer for comfort to those who have been touched by her passing.

Anonymous said...

I just broke down. I went to add Julie's prayer button to my blog and after clicking on her button once up on the blog, I read that she passed away last Thursday. How heart breaking for her family. (((((HUGS)))))

May Julie rejoice in the beauty of having an eternal home with the Lord...something only the rest of us down here can imagine as we dream of the being received in our King's heavenly home. Godspeed, Sweet Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!

One More Equals Four said...

I am so sorry for your loss! But what a beautiful legacy your friend has left, that is a sign of a life well lived! Blessings!