Truthful Thursday

June 18, 2009

Ahh... this is working out so much better than I thought. Less stress of getting these posts out and a little bit of leeway if I'm running behind. As I stared at the title I also thought, maybe just maybe I could also add a comment each week such as Truth be told....(yada,yada, yada.) What do you think??? Not sure I want to make it a meme but feel free to leave your comments if you would like with your own "Truth Be Told."

So here it goes: Truth be told...........

I do not like how President Obama is handling things so far BUT I have no idea what a President is suppose to do or not do. I mean what is his job description? Surely our founding fathers limited all government officials in what they are able to do.I believe also that they expected us, as citizens, to ensure that the government did not abuse their positions. Unfortunately we haven't done our job and it shows!!!!! My summer quest will be to find out what exactly our president is suppose to be doing and what the limit of his power is.

June 18 Proverbs 27-29
June 19 Ecclesiastes 1-6
June 20 Ecclesiastes 7-12
June 21 1 Kings 10-11, 2 Chronicles 9
June 22 Proverbs 30-31
June 23 1 Kings 12-14
June 24 2 Chronicles 10-12

Father, may the words we expose our children to be uplifting, encouraging, and life giving. May we bless our children with all that comes out of our mouths and fill their ears with that which will train them to give life to others with what they repeat. Proverbs 18: 20-21

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Anonymous said...

I very much look forward to the updates. Maybe start a new weekly thread....perhaps call it "Spying Obama Saturdays"..,just don't mess with the Tackle it Tuesday slot--I need that one. LOL. :o)