Company Girl Coffee 5-22-09

May 22, 2009

Well looks like I'm headed for a very busy weekend already. We have two parties to go to on Saturday, one around lunch and the other around dinner. The only thing I can think of that is good about this is I don't have to cook. I also start my 8 week rotation in Children's Ministry. We are going to study the fruits of the spirit. Thankfully I'll have an extra adult in the room with me. Last week there were 35, yes, 35 children in attendance. That can be a bit overwhelming for one person alone but add in the fact that both my boys are also in there with me and well, some Sunday's become a battlefield.

Here are some sites I managed to stop by and visit this week. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

Sunday Scrappin

Savvy Seams

All Free Crafts

Tabber's Temptation

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Father, teach my children "the secret of being content in any and every situation... through Him who gives [them] strength." Phil. 4:12-13


Reese said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
Good luck with soooo many children!

secondofwett said...

An 8 week rotation? Does that mean you just do it for 8 weeks and then somebody else takes it? We're trying to figure out a more workable plan for our sunday school, that's why I ask....does this work well for your church?

Anonymous said...

35 kiddos by yourself! Wow!

My sister worked with the children on the Fruit of the Spirit and they loved it. Are you using a curriculum?

Have a great weekend.

UKZoe said...

One thing I've noticed over my years in childrens ministry so far is that children will always play up more if their parent is in the room!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

35?!! WOW - you have a wonderful opportunity to impress the Lord on these precious little ones. Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness that is a lot of kids. I had 18 kids alone for MOPS, but not 35. Will pray for you. Glad you have a helper. My 6 year old needed to be peeled off my leg today when I dropped her off for Jr. Church. She can get like that...been in childcare FOREVER but really is clingy at church. BTW, I peeled her off and held the door tight so she couldn't get out! LOL! The sermon is MY time. I would have felt differently if she were still a baby, but she did not get my heartache today. :o)