Blessings for JJ

May 25, 2009

5 years ago, my precious son made a rather exciting entrance into the world. I look back and wonder where all the time has gone and try so very hard to enjoy each day I am blessed with him. What a challenge my son has been but only because he has stretched and grown me into the mom that I am today. JJ, you are an amazing son, full of life and you have added so much to our family. We are blessed to have you as our son and pray that one day you will feel blessed that we are your parents!!!!

Dear Father,
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given us to be JJs parents. He has brought so much life to our family and has taught us so much about showing kindness and understanding, and patience. Lord we ask that his heart be molded as he not only hides your word in his heart but begins to understand what he is hiding in his heart. Father, instill in him a desire not only to work diligently for his family but most importantly for you. May his desire to please you be greater than the desire to gratify himself. May he see early in his life that which you have gifted him for and have a great desire to cultivate those gifts into a ministry that will glorify you. As his parents, help us to continue to grow him up in a fashion that will give him the best environment to become the man you created him to be. As we guide him upon the path to your son, Jesus Christ, show us how to create in him a longing and desire for Christ so that when the time comes for him to chose,for himself, he will not have to look or seek but will be at the door of Christ and only have to knock and enter. May JJ always know how very special he is to us and know, ALWAYS, our unconditional love for him. Most important,though, may he know the Greatest Love of this world, His Savior Jesus Christ. Father bless this next year in his life with health, knowledge, family, and friends. Condition his heart that he will willingly receive the correction that is needed to mold him into a child that thinks of Christ first and not himself. This year will be chalked full of changes for him as more will be expected of him. As his parents strengthen us that we will not fail him in his continued training. Fill us with patience, understanding, and the courage to do that which we know is right; although not always popular and often the harder road to take. May all know the warmth of his smile and the gentleness in his heart. In Jesus name we pray and give thanks for the wonderful opportunity to embrace JJ every night and day, Amen

"Create in [them] a pure heart, O God," and let their purity of heart be shown in their actions. Ps. 51:10


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, JJ! You are such a blessing to all those who surround you. God bless you on this very special day!! :o) xoxo

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness..look at those baby blues!!

He is sooo cute!!!!

Happy Birthday to your lil' guy too!!