Very Last Breath

March 6, 2009

Wow, today I learned the name of Moses' mother, Jochebed. Something else I have also caught this time around is how God told both Aaron and Moses that they were about to die. Could you imagine that? Knowing exactly when you were going to die? What would your first thoughts be, would there be anything you would want to do? Then I got to thinking what if you lived your entire life knowing exactly when you were going to die. Jesus did that. What a burden that must have been. I think also what is even more amazing is the fact that He chose to. He knew without His life, death, and resurrection, there would be no chance for us. So as Resurrection Sunday approaches, stop and take time to reflect on the the price Jesus paid for our freedom from the penalty of sin, freedom from the chains of this world, the freedom to chose who we serve. How true is the saying: "Freedom isn't free!"

Dear Father, may I live out the adoration that Christ deserves. Let me not take for granted the greatest sacrifice of love You gave to us when Christ died on the cross. Let us be in awe that the story did not stop there, that You raised Him from the dead and placed Him in a seat of honor by Your right side. Show us where we can focus on Christ over the next 3 weeks and stir within us a deeper meaning of Christ's death and Resurrection. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

Sew many places to go. Okay, so I have been in a sewing mood lately; no way to miss that.Are you a sewer? If so, let me know where you like to visit by placing a link or two in my comments, thanks a bunch!!

allsorts (this post perfectly guides you how to make a crazy nine patch quilt, it's the one I use the most to make my play mats but only use 9 squares instead of the 36 needed for the quilt.)

picnic blanket w/ rock pockets (my next sewing project!!!!)

You Can Make This

Some projects I hope to make soon!!!!
1. simple sunday dress

2. ballerina tutu overalls

3. Going Pro:Secret Boutique Sewing Tips

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh I agree can you only imagine if you knew the time of our last breath...

I praise Jesus for knowing His and taking every measure of pain for my life! I can never thank Him enough for what He endured so I could be forgiven!

Blessings and enjoy your sewing projects. I don't sew - yet ;-)