Spotlight Saturday: Veiyah Karg

February 28, 2009

Father, thank You for the prayers that You did not answer the way we thought best. Let us always be reminded of the LOVE You are for us. Let us rest in the peace of knowing that You are in control, You have a plan, and that we are forever Yours because of Jesus Our Savior, Our Lord.!!! In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

This week I would like to Spotlight: The Karg Family. My heart aches greatly for Ani. My heart has been so heavy for her this week. And so I pray for her and ask that you not only petition our Our Great Healer to heal Veiyah phycially but also to bring comfort to Ani, Jeremy, Madi, and Selah as they walk this uncertain path with complete faith in God!!!!

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Post 3

Post 4

Their Story

**I also thought it was worth noting that Ani's playlist is filled with amazing songs that capture you attention and calls your very soul into a state of worship before the Lord. Thank you Ani!!!!

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mholgate said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm Melissa, a fellow Company Girl.

I've been praying for Veiyah and her family also. Their story has brought me both to tears and my knees. I was rejoicing with them after reading her last post. What an incredible God we serve!

Great blog you have here. All you have to do for Company Girl Coffee is link up on Fridays. Copy your blogger address and paste it into Mr. Linky. Then identify your post as Company Girl Coffee somehow. The easiest way is to grab the button and put it directly in your post.

Hope that helps! It was fun to visit you, I'd like to come back sometime. : )