Day after Day

February 15, 2009

I have often wondered: "How on Earth could the Jewish people missed knowing the Messiah for who he was?" They we not ignorant people and the teachings that they taught, generation after generation was the very Word of God. And then as I read again the fate of Nadab and Abihu, it dawned on me, [Sorry my sweet friend Dawn this was the only word I could think of to articulate my thoughts this morning:)] they were substituting rituals for relationship. And how often are we guilty of doing that. How often do you read your Bible without even thinking about it. Or as you go to church, you just go through the motions because you have always gotten up on Sunday to go to church? I am challenging myself AND you to stop and pause a minute before you go through out your day and actually put some thought into what you are doing. You know why you read your Bible and why you go to church and why you pray, but really live those things out. Take time to prepare your heart, to still your mind, and really give honor to God before you approach Him each day this week.

Father in Heaven, let us not offer a strange fire before you. Let us search our hearts to see how You can use us today. "This is my desire, to be used by you." How can You use us today? Let us humble ourselves and find great joy in the smallest ways as well as the great ways we are used by You to bring the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ to All Nations. In Jesus Name we pray and prepare our hears to worship together before You, Amen

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Gosh I love that song!

Awesome to listen to before going to bed!

Blessings and love!

I want to be used by YOU O'LORD!

xoxo Jill