Amazing Love

February 13, 2009

At Valentine's I find myself in awe of our King. He willingly died on the Cross for ALL SIN. Past, Present, and Future. As we enter into the book of Leviticus, the reminder of that Truth swells up within my very soul as we begin to read about the different types of offerings the Israelites were commanded to give.


Because those offerings were only a sign of things yet to come AND a reminder that because of sin we are not able to go before God on our own. Our price has already been paid, EVERYONE is forgiven their sin. If it were not so then Christ's work on the cross would have been in vain and just like the Israelites we would need our sins atoned for over and over.


not everyone has accepted the covering of Christ's blood that will redeem them before God. Our salvation is not by our hand but by God's through Jesus. If we chose to accept this gift, our eternity is sealed with Him forever. If however we chose to reject Christ as our only way of being redeemed then we chose an eternity apart from God. So I pose these question to you today?

Do you believe that all your sins are forgiven, past, present, and future?

What do you believe would happen to you if you died today without asking for forgiveness of any sin you have committed?

Does that void the Saving Grace of our Savior?

I believe that we are held responsible for the consequences of our actions but the punishment of sin has already been paid for. I do not live under the authority of the Flesh but by the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit. I believe the very same power that conquered death through Christ, resides in me enabling me to rule over my fleshly desires and live a life that honors God. But all this is not done by my own will power but by the power of our mighty Creator who has always had a plan to redeem His Creation.

What do you believe?

Dear Father, may we grasp the Amazing Love You demonstrated through Christ for us ALL. May we love all as You love all; seeing no difference except that of whether someone has chosen or rejected Your Son, Jesus Christ. Fill our hearts with a longing to reach out to those who do not know You. Just as Your word speaks: Christ did not come of the healthy but the sick. Every believer has within them the life saving antidote. May we not keep it to ourselves but eagerly seek each opportunity to share this life saving message: While we were sinners, Christ died for us. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Amydeanne said...

Great post! Happy Valentine's day too!

and cake wrecks! love it.. soooo funny sometimes!