Tackle it Tuesday: On A Roll

So I thought I would try something different with Tackle it Tuesday this year!!! It will work as my running To Do List and each week I'll post the previous weeks' list with some pics of my progress and then update the To Do List with things for the coming week.Sounds fun right? Well we'll see if it stays fun or becomes an obsession!!

Must do:
Make meal for friend who just had baby
Finish prepping Cubbie crafts for Wednesday
Sew on Cubbie patches to vests that I have had since the middle of December.
Make grocery list
Work on school agenda for January
post week 3 reading schedule

Needs to get done:
CJ's quilt
Fold laundry

Set up school computer
Take pictures of things accomplished last week

Made a homemade {made at home} beef pot pie:

Finished my belated cards for December:

Made place mats with the kids:

When I had taken this pic, JJ had not completed his yet. But look in the future for how we did this weaving craft soon!!!!

Grocery Shop
Read through first 3 sessions of Love and Respect

Want to do:
Start de-cluttering kitchen
Prep crafts for Okuma weekend
Find place to donate clothes and toys
schedule a date night with Big Daddy

So here is my Must Dos for this week:
Work on school agenda for January
cut out lady bug craft for Cubbies
sew on patches for Cubbie vests
start E's and CJ's quilts
return rented movies
mail belated cards and bills
laundry (again, I know!!!)

Need To Dos:
Prep for Okuma Craft Weekend!!
Prep Japanese Lesson Plan
vacuum van out

Want To Dos:
Start de-cluttering kitchen
schedule a date night with Big Daddy
Take pictures for Chore Duty and Schedule Reminders

Alright, now lets go see what all the other Tacklers got done this week. Ready? Here we go!!!!!


Rosie said...

Yay for laundry!:) I miss you.......

I'm sorry I have not posted my pay it forward. I need to think of something to make before people start commenting:) I will do it, I promise. I will call my Mom and see if she will. Have a great day in beautiful Okinawa!

Organizing Mommy said...

This is the way to use this! Do it just the way it works for you and keeps you motivated. I like your blog header! I love to learn also! Blessings

palmtreefanatic said...

great tackling!
My puzzles are all over my basement ceiling, my paretns did theirs this way too its neat and unique...they are all framed in different sizes with wood trim! This one will not fit though as the ceiling is done
sooohmmmm...still deciding where to put it;)

I bought it at a MARC's if you have a cool store like that! They have groceries there and some odds and end stuff, cheap!

Amanda said...

LOL! I can SO relate to the laundry issues! I constantly feel like I am drowning in laundry. Three of my four children are boys and they are messy! No rewearing any of their clothes. LOL

Hey, I wanted to say that you got a LOT done! I am really impressed. I wish I had your energy and focus.

Elisabeth said...

It looks like you had a successful week.

I think I would really focus on getting the date with Big Daddy done this week. That sounds like fun! :)