Less is More: The T.V.

So if you head on over to The 160 you can read some more Less is More posts that Amydeanne is blogging about. As I previously posted under Selah, our family motto for this year has become: Less is More. Originally it started concerning money and the things we buy, however I think this is going to be more of a journey than I ever imagined!!! Today was the first day back at school and our less for the day was: T.V. and our more was: time together!!!! We did not watch any T.V. today until the babysitter came over tonight so that we could go to our small group study for Love and Respect. (This is going to be a completely different topic that I can't wait to post about!!!!!) And I can't believe how well our day went. It was hard at first not to cave in when I wanted to get things done, quickly but I just adjusted my mind set and instead of thinking: "How can I get this done fast?", I asked myself:"How can I get this done with the help of at least one of my children?" I actually had all the kids dressed, fed, kitchen cleaned up all by 8am and that was even sleeping in till almost 530am!!! No small task for this household. Oh and that included beds made and teeth brushed. And there wasn't as much complaining as I expected. There was a couple of requests for the Game Cube but other than that doing the dishes and having the boys take turns playing with their sister, going to music, then Story Time, plus an outing to the park with friends, completed our morning fantastically. And to be honest, I think it is me more than the children needing the T.V. as I used it to help keep the kids occupied and out of my way. I know it sound horrible but hey,the truth is the truth. I know not every day will be as great as today but I do think that we will have More and More good days with Less and Less T.V.

So, how about you? What is one thing you think that you could do less with and what would that create more of?

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Elisabeth said...

Are you serious? Sleeping in for you is 5:30 a.m.? I get up very early too - sometimes 3:30 since I just cannot sleep. If I'm in bed after 7:00 I definately consider that sleeping in - but that is very rare. I like getting up early because I have quiet time then but sometimes I just wish my body would shut off and go to sleep.

In your comment on my blog you mentioned that you had spent the week with the kids in the same room. I think that is a very good idea. Kids are desirous of our time and it's so easy to just brush them aside as we go about our 'important duties.'