Bloggy Fun: My Story

I was tagged by HomeMom3 with this fun "get to know more about you game". So here is:

My story - Finish the sentence:

Hi, my name is:
Brandy aka L2L

Never in my life have I been to:
Africa, but hope to visit my Compassion Child one day!!!

I hate it when:
I order onion rings and get french fries instead

If your gonna talk smack about me
that's okay, your true colors will reveal themselves in due time

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
CJ when she wont let me put her down

When I'm nervous:
I giggle

The last song I listened to was:
Made to Worship

My hair is:

When I was 5:
I had a Ziggy backpack

Last Christmas:
we made it through debt free

I should be:
checking the mail

The happiest recent event was:
Getting to visit with family over Christmas

My current annoyance is:

I have a hard time understanding:
where all the spoons in our kitchen go

The thing I want to buy is:
a cricket machine

Most recent thing I've bought myself:
put some clothes on layaway, does that count?

Most recent thing someone else bought me was:

My middle name is;
Leighann (doesn't get more country than that)

In the morning:
I get up early to brew some coffee and read my daily reading of the bible on Bible Gateway, the Message Translation.

Last night I was:
At AWANA, I'm a Cubbie Leader

If I were an animal I'd be:
A Bird, so I could play all day with CJ and not get tired.(She loves to chase birds)

Tomorrow I am:
finishing laundry, meals for my family, and heading to Okuma for the weekend

Tonight I am
working on laundry and packing for Okuma

Now it’s your turn to tell me YOUR story: Aylica, Stephanie, Laura, and Rosie


Alycia said...

Hi Brandy...I don't mean that I would delete it...but I will likely make it private again. I have so many great memories on my blog so I would never want to delete it. Thanks for asking! Have a good night.

Rosie said...

Have a fabulous time at Okuma! I wish I was going:)