Tackle It Tuesday: Slow and Steady

So this week is all about working on my quilt and thinking out a new to do list. The focus for this go round is Holiday preparations. I know we haven't even gotten through October but when you are on an island that has very limited resources you have to plan early, early, early, if you want to have all the items necessary for those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. And for us, this Christmas will find us traveling back to the States as an entire family for the very first time since we flew to Okinawa in 2004!!! So my desire is to get everything prepared week by week so that the 2nd week of December all is done and I get to really enjoy the time leading up to our visit Home for the Holidays. So are you ready, let's go!!!!

First I wanted to show you the little dent I put in the quilt over the last week.

Now for my Home For The Holiday Tackles:
1. Finish assembling Christmas cards from Close To My Heart Workshop.
2. Find and pull out 12 Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family (yeah I know I'm a bit behind but I'm just going to start on the week that helps prep for Thanksgiving, since I can't really prep for a Christmas dinner over here!!!! Can you tell the excitement is building!!!)
3. Complete perpetual calendar for birthday's and anniversary to include addresses needed to send cards!!!!!!!

Well that will be it for now. Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas yet? If so what do you use to help keep you focused and organized as the year winds down?

Oh yeah don't forget to check back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, I have a hilarious picture that I will be sharing!!!

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