Mettle Monday: 95 These

I’ve never been a real big fan of Halloween. Even as a child the trick part often out weighted the benefits of treats for me. Once you get to know me you find out that I don’t like scary movies at all and science fiction isn’t on the top of my favorite list either. Plus the thought of letting my child put into their bodies something that has the potiental of being harmful just doesn’t warm my heart. So instead we chose to focus on the history of October 31st and celebrate Reformation Day instead. What is Reformation Day? Glad you asked?

On October 31, 1517 Dr. Martin Luther posted his 95 These onto the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg to debate the legitimacy of the sale of indulgences.

This year we will be introducing several of the points from the 95 These to our boys and letting them "debate" as Martin Luther using the scripture they have learned so far from AWANA. We will also explain to them how the Bible came to be and give them a good foundation of knowing the Bible we read is the Bible God designed for us to have and learn from.

I am also going to prepare a banquet with foods that would have been enjoyed during that time period.
Seeing that this will be a yearly event for our family I am going to work on getting some patterns so I can make costumes to wear and maybe invite friends to join us, next year, as we study John Wycliffe; the first person to translate the Bible into English and what impact that has had for all believers.

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