Update on Laci

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your continued prayer and to help encourage you in continuing to support the Clark family through prayer I wanted to give you the best update I could, I haven't done so sooner as the news seems to change every minute however the most important thing I have heard is that Laci is doing better and is able to get out of her bed and eat food again!!!!! The cause of her illness and the course of treatment has not been decided. The latest word is that the Clark family will be relocated to the States so that Laci can get the medical treatment she will need to continue her recovery. Please pray for this family as they are all in Hawaii right now but are stationed in Okinawa and are going to have to plan a PCS with a sick child in the hospital. There are so many factors in this that make it seem impossilbe but I know that God is bigger than it all and He will bless this family during this time and you can also bless them by continuing to lift up their entire family in prayer. Thank you.

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