Tackle it Tuesday

Alright, so I've been a bit off in posting my accomplishments or should I say lazy about getting other things done. I wanted to complete most of my original To Do List before I became ambitious again. So here is the completed birthday present for my Mema; an 8x8 scrapbook of her great-grand children. Oh yeah, mailing it will be on my new To Do List, lol.

And here is the purse that I was suppose to make at the beginning of the summer.

So for this week I will be working on mailing out all of this,

turning these into darling hand towels and place mats

and the last thing from my previous To Do List is to cut out all my stamps!!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else is up to and you can find out by clicking here. Sorry for the crazy layouts with the pics, but I don't have time to fix it cause I can't be late for a friend's Pampered Chef Party, that is something to tackle with delight:)

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