Fabulous Friday

We have finally arrived at "The Day Before Daddy Comes Home" Of course there is much that can still be done, however I find myself asking the question what really needs to be done? I am tying up most of the lose ends concerning VBS, I will prepare our Master Bedroom for his homecoming tonight and through out today I will go around and do some room rescues, fine tuning each room so that our home is a welcoming haven. However, I ask that you also help in our homecoming by praying for the following things!!!
- safe travels for Big Daddy {especially a delay that he will have where he has less than an hour to go from one plane to the next}
- the children will adjust and warmly welcome daddy back.
- may the children be in good spirits as Matt's flight comes in late at night.
- as husband and wife please pray that we are able to just enjoy the presence of each other and not give into the temptation of trying to catch up in one night.{okay so that is more for me than my husband. lol}
- help Big Daddy recover from traveling and adjust to being back at home.
- over the next 48 hours that I will not lose my focus of preparing my heart, home, and kids to welcome Big Daddy and fall into a Martha heart attitude.

One of the greatest mis-quotes I hear people say all the time is "All you can do is pray." I say what you need to do, first and foremost is to pray and then respond. I know that through our collective obedience in laying these prayer petitions at the Lord's feet, He will mold our family reunion into one that best meet each personal need!!!!

So as you are already expecting I will be off the web for a few days but will try to upload some pics as soon as possible!

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