Reinforcement is coming.... Yep that is how many days until my husband will be back home. As much as it seems so unreal that we have almost reached the end of our separation, the reality of still having one more week is both exciting and unbearable at the same time. This morning I laid awake in my bed and though of the sounds of my husband that, in the past, have been so annoying but that I long to hear again. So hear are a list of the sounds that a military wife can relate to.

1. the alarm clock going off, again and again and thinking please don't wake the kids. (what joy it will be to finally have daddy back!)
2. The tapping or buzzing of his razor.(how I can't wait to get those morning kisses from that freshly shaved face!)
3. The sound of his boot laces zipping through the holes in his boots as he dutifully puts on his uniform.(He's home, what a sweet sound)
4. The clanging of his belt buckle.(no I'm not dreaming, he is finally back home!)
5. The door creaking, or if you live in housing in Okinawa, screeching shut.(what a joyful greeting it will be when he is walking through that same screeching door!)
6. The sound of his car engine starting, and the beeping of the car as he backs out.(The excitement of hearing the car door shut and knowing that he will walk through that door any second!)

I have always sought to use the times of separation as a chance to have more devoted time with God as the distractions of life are not as much when my husband is away. And this time was no exception, what great conversations God and I have had and I have been so blessed by his provisions and great wisdom. And even in missing my husband so much and dealing with the stress of the military life God rose up within me greater appreciation for all that my husband is, a great father, a great friend, my greatest fan. Over the last several weeks I have prayed for a smooth adjustment to his return and safe travels for him as well. He has been so faithful in providing for all of my needs and desires thus far and I know he will provide for a wonderful family reunion.

If you have been apart of God's amazing blessing to me during my husband's absence, I say to you thank you. Thank you to every one that was ever able to watch my children for doctor's appts or time to regroup, thank you for those who cooked meals, thank you to those who prayed for us, gave me hugs and wonderful words of encouragement. If you served in any of the areas that my children attend in church, thank you. Thank you to those who listened to me talk and talk and talk on the phone when I didn't really have much to say but needed adult conversation. And most of all thank you Lord for taking such good care of us and Big Daddy while we were apart.

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