Character Building

This week we have been talking about lying and speaking words that are pleasing to God. So in our Bible Reference yesterday we talked about Joesph and his coat of many colors. As I was going over the story, I was sure that Joel wasn't listening to me but continued as I was hoping at least I am setting the standard of doing character building. To my suprise this morning, Joel picked up our coat of many colors and asked to put it on, so I said sure thinking I would take the chance to review the story with him. As soon as he got the coat on he tells me, Okay mom now its time to throw me like yesterday. I was a bit confused and asked him to explain what he meant, well in the story yesterday they threw him down the well and now its my turn. So of course we had loads of fun throwing him into the well. Here are pics of the kids as they tried on the coat of many colors.
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