I AM Free

I am thinking of the song by Newsboys: I am Free

Through You, the price is paid

Through You, there's victory
Because of You, my heart sings
I am free
Yes, I am free

Disclaimer: I have often been looked at like I am on the verge of blasphemy when I say what I'm about to say. BUT when you know that you know that you know, you don't care what other people think. AND you don't get mad that they don't see things the way you do. Why? Because you can understand where they are, because you were there, because you realize there isn't anything you are going to say to change their minds before GOD moves their Spirit! So why say it at all? 
This is my blog, my journey, my testimony to my children of how I went from doing for God to dwelling with God!!! After all that is why I started this blog: to write down my path from salvation to sanctification and every valley in between

Notice: I will open up this post for dialogue BUT please know if I don't argue respond to your specific comment, I'm not submitting to your point. I just live in a comfortable place of knowing that I do not need to defend God's Word. He is mighty to do this on His own. Being a very strong-willed-growing-child of God, I also know that chances are you aren't looking for my response; you just wanted your moment to prove me wrong or set me straight. That brings no glory to God. So say what you want, in a respectful manner and if we can have a civilized dialogue, I will engage. Otherwise, I just let it sit there for all to see and God to be the judge of your heart.

Now, my question for you:

Do you believe that E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is forgiven? Do you believe that Christ blood was sufficient enough to cover the sins of even those who do not believe in Him? 

I do and I also believe that although it is sin that separated us from God and has put us all in a "fallen" condition; sin is not what damns you to hell.

I will leave you this week with a chance to respond or comment and pray that you will come back next week as I follow up with my answer to "What damns you to hell, then!" 

to be continued....just as life does

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