On New Year's Day

I would like to encourage anyone who has not read the bible in it's entirety to make that a priority in 2012. Whether you are a believer or wondering what to believe just reading the bible is so life impacting because the truth is, you have to make a decision. Are you going to believe this is the Living Word of God or not. But I would like to challenge you NOT to make that decision until you have read every single word written. I believe and know to be true that God's Word is Living because it changes your heart and renews your mind and will transform your life, if you let it. I think many people never experience this because they are not willing to yield their own personal thoughts and actions to God. And although this is a life time decision, you have to decide every day of your life to yield to God, you have to have a starting point. When will you decide and what will it take in your life for God to get your attention?

In my life God used the painful loss of our unborn baby. But how about you. Is God trying to get your attention. If so are you ready to be still and listen? And may I be so bold as to say if He is not trying to get your attention will you ask yourself if you have turned a cold shoulder to Him, ignoring Him so long that He isn't even talking to you!?!

I know this isn't your typical Happy New Year greeting but this isn't going to be a typical year for us!! Lets determine to take each day to come to know Christ in a more meaningful and purposeful way. For each individual that is as different as we are so you decide how you are going to purpose each day. If you would like encouragement please link up with me and we can join in this journey together in 2012 and on the 3rd Saturday of each month we can share with each other how our journey from salvation to sanctification is going! And with that I would like to greet you on this very first day of 2012 with a very traditional greeting:

Happy New Year

To be continued ... Just as life does

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