Sew Much To Do: Week 9

Say hello to my new friends!!!!

This week was all about fundamentals. I didn't even touch my sewing machine because we are in the process of changing the boys room into my sewing room and the family room into their new boy cave.
In the process of painting.

Yeah, this is what their room looks like normally and it is driving me crazy!

I moved my sewing items into their room and

some of their toys and clothes into the old family room.

But with the ball soon approaching I couldn't just do nothing. So I have been reading and rereading and reading again the directions to my pattern. I have been ironing like it aint crazy and cutting like there is no tomorrow. After I cut the gown out and marked all those little details that make a big difference in assembling a garment, I put the pieces together to visualize how I am going to sew them together to get a feel of how the dress is put together. This has helped me alot and I'm going to be alot more confident to get my sewing machine fired up next week!!!

Laying out the fabric

Getting all my pattern pieces cut out

Getting really excited about my dress. FYI this is only one of three sections for the front.
I still have to cut out the lining and get some matching thread and a zipper but I think it is going to be so much fun putting this dress together. I'm hoping to have more to show next week. How about you, do you have anything to show off today? If so link up or leave a comment and I'll stop by!!!!! I'm sure someone out there has a Halloween outfit in the making?! Have a SEWper Week!!!!!

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