I did it: Pantry Door Project

So, you might have noticed I have a list of projects I would like to do in my right column, you know for all those things I will never find the time to do!!!! But I did find time to do the Pantry Door Project and boy oh boy am I glad!!!

I didn't do a pantry door. Nope instead I tried this out on the windows on my garage door and it turned out amazing!!!! Thanks Thrifty Decor Chick, my husband is so impressed!!!!!! So here is how my project went down!!!

I see you, you see me. We just weren't big fans of people being able to see into our garage and during the winter I work out in there and N-O O-N-E wants to see that!!!!!!

I gathered a couple of supplies: towel, ruler, scissors, glass cleaner, scraper and clear contact paper.

Thankfully this went rather quickly since all the windows measured the same. I just cleaned the windows, peeled the backing off the contact paper (don't sweat if it creases those went away in about 3 days!!!) and squirted the window cleaner on the contact paper and then on the window. Next I slapped the contact paper on the window and used the scraper to smooth out the paper and push out all the glass cleaner and then I stepped back and marveled at my work!!!!

Isn't the difference amazing!!!

It was super easy and  got all these done in less than 10 minutes!

What we like the most about this project is you can't really tell anything is on the windows from the street. It's only when you try to look into our garage that you realize you can't see in!!! 

Well that is it for this up date of I did it!!!! See you next month when I tackle another project from my I Want To Do This List!!!

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