Sew Much To Do: Week 1

Okay, so I have a dream...... a big dream!!!!!! To one day sew professionally, as in earn an income when my husband retires!!!!! And big dreams happen with little steps, right!!! So I've decide over the next year to sew something each week. Not sure if I am biting off too much but I need to do something, anything to keep me in the direction of my dream. So since they say practice makes perfect, lets get started!!!!!

We moved back to the States last year and have spent invested A-LOT of money in our home. More than we imagined because our shipment was damaged. So my goal this year is to curb the spending and just make due with what I already have. And that is where the idea for my first project bloomed!!!! As you can see the pillow shames were just too big for our standard pillows!!!

So I turned them wrong side out, and studied and studied and studied and it came to me!!!! Cut the sides off to match the top and bottom seams already sewn.

Then I flipped the pillow case right side out and cut off the trim; so much for using the seams already there!!  I have a great idea for those ruffles..... can't wait to show you.... just as soon as I get them sewn!!!

This pillow case already has an opening in the back so I can just sew, or serger like I did, and go!

I even up-ed my cuts.

Pinned the sides in place.

And serged. That was what this project was all about: getting to know my serger.
Tip: If you are new at serging, make your seam line with a straight stitch and then finish off the edges with your serger.

You will have to wait until I finish with the ruffles to see the whole room! Until then, would love to see what has your needles in motion!!!! 

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