What will you tell your children? My first son was born one week after 9-11 and is always a sobering reminder of what so many people lost.  I honestly don't remember much about that 1st year because it was so overwhelming for me. I was on terminal leave, had my first child, developed  Postpartum, moved to a new state, on pins and needles about getting recalled and looking at the reality of my husband being deployed. BTW, he was.

And although I did not know a single person who lost their lives on that horrific day, I do know families and friends who lost their lives in the war that followed. And as a military spouse my life forever changed because our nation was and is still at war. A nation being protected by ordinary people being asked to do extraordinary things!!! Just like every survivor of 9-11 and their families and friends left behind. Ordinary people being asked to continue their lives without the ones they love: Yes that is an extraordinary expectation.

So again I ask you, what will you tell your children about 9-11? For me I will let the facts speak for themselves and let the Holy Spirit continue to mend the broken hearts!!!

....the time the first plane hit the first twin tower. What if we paused everyday over the next year and remembered those left behind because of the death of a loved one. This is where healing begins with our nation, returning to God in prayer. Will you join me?

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