Friday Photo

Trying to make up for last week I went weeded through photos 180 to 248 and chose alot of pictures with Big Daddy because it was his birthday over the weekend!!! It is fun to look back and be reminded how playful he is with the kids!!!!
I love the expression on JJ's face here and you can see how Big Daddy is really enjoying this moment.

Nothing but cuteness!

My rowdy boys!

I didn't get the first time Big Daddy walked in with his gas mask, but here you can still see how JJ is just not sure and LJ thought it was so funny that JJ was scared of the mask.

Waiting at the Okinawa Airport for Big Daddy to fly back home!

This was at the Camp Kinser Fest.

At Camp Hansen, LJ use to wear those gloves EVERYWHERE!

Big Daddy under the sea!

This was a butterfly at the Butterfly Garden in Nago.

Big Daddy trying to get JJ to go up the Drop Slide stairs, I don't think he went, ha ha.

This is another slide in Okinawa. I love how it is tucked so neatly in between the trees, beautiful.

Another slide. This one has rollers on it just like the ones where they pass your luggage through security. It was always best to ride down these on a piece of cardboard or your but got very hot!

Shi-Sha dogs in Okinawa, this one tried to bite me!

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