What's Up Wednesday

I found my camera!!!!!
This is a hat design I'm working on

We enjoyed some time off with Big Daddy

Still painting

A project I am working on

Still need one more coat, but we are making progress

Getting set up for our 1st real Christmas tree!!!!

It was bigger than I thought it would be!!!

Putting the lights on

Gotta have a modest Christmas tree ;)

Working on getting a Christmas photo

JJ working on Christmas tree decorations

There is alot still to do this week!!! Thankfully I only had mail packages on my list of things to do for 3 weeks before Christmas. This will help me catch up on what I didn't get done last week AND get ready for our 1st Annual  Christmas Cookie Party!!!We have invited some Home-school families over to decorate cookies and and enjoy a warm lunch  made up of soup, homemade bread and coco!!! And since tonight is Family Night, I'm going to take advantage of having everyone's attention and get some baking done for our party, family and friends and a cookie swap I'm going to on Friday. Maybe I wont need to make dinner after all, he he. That will leave me with cutting out fabric and making gift card holders, I think I can I think I can!!!! I better cause we only have 3 weeks left!!!! 

What's on your To Do list this week??

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alana said...

This week? To brush my teeth ..lofty goal I know.
You inspire me ...thank you ...