2010 Advent Countdown

Okay, am I the only one that is in complete awe that N-E-X-T week is Thanksgiving?!?!?! Maybe that was the motivation for me getting so much done this week. One thing is for certain, we had a busy busy week!!!!!
We started working on painting the house, again.

Me, working on painting all the picture frames. This seemed like such a good idea at first!

Joel completing his first Bakugan battle. Even though he lost he was still excited.

Getting their game on!!!

The newest member of our family, everyone meet Rover!

One of the things I like best about Advent is that it's almost like Family Fun Night every night. This year I decided to go with an Advent Countdown I found on Danille's Place. And as much as I love how the scriptures are tied in with the nightly devotion it didn't have anything for little hands to do. So I cam up with this:

Nov 28: Advent paper
Nov 29:
Hand Christmas Tree
Nov 30:
Candy Cane Ornaments
Dec 1:
Cut and Paste Nativity
Dec 2:
Sewing card
Dec 3:
Make Christmas cookies
Dec 4:
Christmas Carol
Silent Night
Dec 5:
Popsicle stick manger
Dec 6:
Angel Craft 
Dec 7:
Make a Jacob's ladder
Dec 8:
Play dough
Dec 9:
Paper bag donkey
Dec 10
Cookie Party
Dec 11
Christmas Carol
Away in the Manger
Dec 12:
Decorate a
Dec 7:
Christmas Card puzzles
Dec 14:
CD Star Ornament
Dec 15:
Hand and Foot Angel

Dec 16:
Make Christmas cards for teachers/

Dec 17:
Give M&M Christmas Poems out
Dec 18:
Christmas Carol
Joy to the World
Dec 19:
Handprint wreath w/ prophecies about Jesus
Dec 20:
Star table topper
Dec 21:
The Greatest Gift Card
Dec 22:
Print your own Nativity
Dec 23:
Cinnamon Ornament or Popcorn Garland
Dec 24:
Tell or read about the birth of Jesus!!
Dec 25:
Christmas Carol Review!!!

But have no fear if you don't like either of these ideas. Just head on over to Crafty Crow and you are certain to find something to your liking there!!!! Also if you come back next week I will have a download of all the scriptures we are using for our paper chain ready and waiting for you to print off!!!! But for now, take a look at all the progress I made!!!!!
  • Make "To Make" gifts list (I have figured out what everyone is going to be getting!!!!)
  • start buying looking at containers for fudge  (I was able to get containers for the fudge and cookies in a jar!!!)
  • create What I'm making Christmas Gift List (list has been printed and finalized!!!)
  • start on Advent reading list(need to finish paper chain with scriptures) and gather project ideas
  • figure out how much fudge and cookies I'll be making (going to make two batches of fudge and instead of baking cookies this year I'm doing Cookies in a Jar!!!)
 My main focus this week is going to be on finishing up the Advent paper chain and gathering all the devotion items I'll need and finishing up Christmas Cards. I still can't believe we are only 6 weeks away from Christmas. I hope I can keep the motivation up and actually complete my 12 weeks till Christmas Planning this year. Check back next week and see if I'm still on board!!!!!

Until then stop by The Happy Housewife and see a post she did on some FREE gifts, except shipping, that Vista has going on right now!!! I'm working on one of the calendars! Speaking of F-R-E-E, The Idea Room has a link in her column where you can get a free 8X10 Canvas. Not sure how long these deals with last so go check them out soon!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this...been cheking out the links in your advent calandar and found some paper doll things. Very fun. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us. I like the one with your son on the ladder and your husband there helping keep it steady. *smile* Have a GREAT day growing with your three little blessings. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

**Amy** said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it! You can share linky love no matter how small...everyone started somewhere. I love the advent calendar you came up with. My kids would love that. Love that there is a scripture for every night too!