So you may or may not know but in July our family moved from Japan to North Carolina. It took our stuff a bit longer to get here but finally it arrived in August.

As you can see there was a bit of damage! This whole crate had to be sent off to be professionally cleaned

Not sure if you can see but the dark area on the top is all mildew, yuck!!

My heart sank when I saw this crate not even opened and the smell was horrible
We got all but one crate, which meant alot of cleaning and washing on my part. And of course that one crate had half of my kitchen, our mattress, or dinning room set and all those other things you don't realize you need till you don't have it. I think we've done really good handling not having 1/4 our house but we were so glad it did arrive this Tuesday!!!!
Ahhh never thought I would enjoy seeing a moving van again!

The unloading begins

So nice to have non mold/mildew furniture again!

Keeping the kids occupied as I run around with the cleaning service.

I almost didn't want to unpack everything because it looks so nice and neat!

The other side.

The small pile of boxes are items they couldn't clean like papers and stuffed animals and my mill :(
So as you can tell, I've been really busy with this and keeping up with lessons and getting to know all the women in my Good Morning Girls group!!!! Hope to have everything settled soon and back to a somewhat normal life again that includes blogging. Until then know we are somewhere under all these boxes!!!!


alana said...

welcome back to the U-S of A ... and have fun unpacking and discovering things you forgot you had!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my----the damaged boxes at the top of the post. :( :( :( I am so sorry!