Week 22 in Review

We had a blast last weekend. Big Daddy had 4 days off!!! So there was alot of fun, fun, fun going on in our house!!!!

JJ playing hide and seek, I'm so thankful he still gives hints as to where he is!

CJ passed out with a smile on her face, what a sweetie...

...or a sneak, look who had my camera, proof I may not be the one losing all these cameras!!!

This was a bday present for JJ that the "men" put together on Memorial Day

This is what I have been up to, decluttering...



and more labeling!!!

CJ and I had some mommy time while I painted her toes and nails.

And then, we had to say goodbye to our neighbors as they are taking a trip and wont be back before we leave. LJ had a hard time with this, and thus the heartache of being a military child officially begins for another generation.
( I grew up a Navy brat)

Not sure what CJ is going to do without Mrs. Tonya

And of course since the camera was out we had to get some silly picks of CJ..

and JJ...

and LJ, altough he wasn't in much of a playful mood that morning.

I am looking forward to this weekend as we are celebrating our 11th Anniversary and we will be headed to Okuma at the beginning of next week for a Family mini vacation before all the chaos of PCSing begings!!!! Looking forward to all the fun to be had and I'll make sure to take alot of pics to share!!!!

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Alicia said...

I loved all the pictures! Your kids have such cute personalities! They look so playful!

And Happy Anniversary!!! Have a wonderful time!!