Next Step

complete Insanity, but I wont be alone. Big Daddy is going to go along with me on this journey for the next 60 days!!! I'm excited to see where the Insanity Workout program will take us as a couple and individually. I've been wanting to do this since Christmas and finally had an opportunity to get my hands on some DVDs to own. I know I can work out, I not only went through Army boot camp but also Marine Corps boot camp. It's not the physical part that gets me but the mental part. Most programs just don't challenge me enough to keep me interested. Somehow I don't think I will have this issue anymore. I figure I'll take you guys along for the ride, so get ready cause its about to get hot up in here!!!!!! On the agenda for Day 1: the Fit Test. Check back in and I'll let you know how I did!!!!!

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